Her first time sex

She was late, 30 mins already, her stepfather would punish her again. She was in for a spanking. She was supposed to be at the library, but she had been to a party. It was a st trinians and she was dressed very sexily. She had on white sheer panties and a white push up bra, a size to small. Her white blouse was tied up under her breast making them look very voluptuous. Her pleated red skirt was short. She had long over the knee socks and high shoes. Very daring but she loved to dress to cause a stir. Her pussy lips where still swollen and her panties were damp from the fingering that J had given her . He had tried to push her down to suck his cock, but she had pushed him away knowing it would make him angry, it would be all around school that she was a prick tease. But that couldn’t be helped, she had to get home. She had one option she had to cut across the field. It was dark and silly but it would take only 5 Min’s going around would take 1/2 hour, the spanking she expected now was bad enough. She also had to get changed before going in. God if he saw her dressed like this she wasn’t sure what he would do. He always seemed to enjoy spanking her for the smallest of reasons.
She took off her shoes and climbed over the fence into the Field. The moon was high so it wasn’t to dark. She had not got far when she heard voices, it was J and his mate, she tried to run. To late they caught up with her. J grabbed he and said that she was gonna give him the blow job he expected. He pushed her to her knees, his mate held her wrists behind her back tight. In the moonlight she saw his hard cock looming at her face. Jason grabbed her hair and pulled her read back and “f xd03 d” his cock in he pulled her forward onto it, she gagged but he never let go, fucking her throat. his balls slapping against her chin. She was crying but he just kept on, it did not take him long his cum spewed down the back of her throat he held her close forcing her to swallow. When he pulled away she collapsed to the floor. His mate decided hi wanted a piece of her pussy, and grabbed her and ripped her panties to the side. She was still a virgin, she may give head and dress like a slut but she was still intact. She struggled and kicked out, she got him in the bollocks, he lashed out and slapped her to the floor. There was a voice calling out and so the boys made a run for it. It was the local bobby. When he saw her on the floor, he gently lifted her to her feet. Oh god she thought he is a friend of her stepfather . She stood up and started to cry, please don’t tell my dad I was supposed to be at the library. He looked down at her with his arm around her and said, so you have lied to tony, well i am sure i could cover for you. He then asked her if she was a virgin, she nodded. Well he said, i will make it all OK for you but I want to pop your cherry here and now. They started walking his hand went down into her bra and pinched her nipple, well he asked. They came to a big tree and he pushed her against it. He pulled at her bra and bent down and bit her nipple, she shuddered, how could she lose her virginity to this man.. he ripped of the remains of her panties and bent down and started to lick her sweet young cunt, it felt good and she squirmed in pleasure, he place 2 fingers into her and fingered her expertly , she had never been tongued and fingered, it was good, but she couldn’t lose her cherry this way. She struggled and kicked out, her was strong but surprised
so she escaped him and began to run. she reached the fence and climbed over, she had lost her pants and shoes she was a mess. She got to her back garden and quickly changed, and went in…..
She heard voices, bugger it was the copper, talking to her dad, he had got there before her. She was called in. She could see her stepfather knew everything. He called her to the centre of the room, both men looked at her. Strip she was told, she hesitated and her stepfather raised his hand. She did as she was told and stood there naked between two men. she was told to place herself over the other mans knee. They then took it in turns to spank her bottom, six each, it hurt bad. She was then told to stand with her legs open and to bend over a dining chair. her stepfather came behind her and sharply slapped her wide open pussy. It stung so bad she felt another one different hand, they was taking turns again. She felt a finger, whose she did not know but it probed her pussy deeper than she thought possible, Then she was left for a few minutes, They where discussing her. She was called over to the centre of the room again. her stepfather said that he knew she has sucked that boy off, and because of that he next day she was confined to the house naked and she would be doing anything that was asked of her. But for lying and kicking a copper she was to be punished now. He told her that he would take her virginity but she would also service the copper. As it was her 1 st time he told her to lay on the floor. the other man came between her legs and began to lick her and finger her is tongue went deep into her and he made her cum twice very quickly they both laughed at her embarrassment at squirting really hard. Her stepfather then came and lifted her buttocks off the floor and guided his very big cock into her cunt slowly pushing deeper and deeper till he heard her scream out, he started to move faster and deeper her disregarding her cries of pain and fucked her harder and harder till he filled her young pussy with his juice. he pulled out and he was still hard. She was turned onto her all fours and the other man took his place behind, his hard cock poised to thrust into her already filled pussy. He came round to her face, pulling her head back he placed his still hard cock onto her lips. They both thrust at the same time, filling her from both ends spit roasting her. In rhythm they fucked her Somehow they came together.
They left her on the floor for 5 minutes regaining their strength’s. they lifted Jackie up and told her to go clean herself up, and to go to bed.
The next morning when she got up she got herself ready for school as usual. She was hoping to get out of the house before anyone else got up, after last night, she did not want to face tony, She was still very sore both holes, and every part of her in fact hurt. She picked up her shoes and crept downstairs. As she reached for the door, a voice called out from the kitchen. Hold it right there young lady and get your arse in here. She had no option but to obey. She went into the kitchen and stood at the head of the table. her stepfather was there dressed to go out.. He wanted to know why she had clothes on. After all hadn’t he told her that she was to be confined to the house naked today. Come here he said to her. She did as she was told, she knew not to would bring a harder punishment. His hand went to the top of her shirt and he ripped it off her. She was so shocked she cried out and tried to pull away. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled off her bra. As she stood there crying he told her to take everything off. Once she was naked he put her over his knee and spanked her several times. He then got up letting her fall to the floor. She got up and stood quietly waiting for what would come next. He gave her a drink it was a protein drink, that’s all you are getting for now. I want you down in the cellar in 2 min don’t keep me waiting.
She quickly drank the drink which was horrid, and followed him downstairs into the cellar. She had never been allowed down there before. He was stood waiting, she could see several contraptions, poles and stools. But she had no time to take it in. He placed a blindfold over her eyes. He then spread her legs wide and attached her ankles to a pole that kept them spread wide. She was told to kneel down, which was extremely difficult. her breasts touched the cold floor as her wrists where also attached to the pole between her legs. a small pad was placed under her face. he told her that as she had have been a little slut and so was going to be treated like one. Tonight we are having a party. You will be the entertainment and will also serve everyone there, both men and women. You will do everything that you are told to do. But for now you are to be punished. His hands went down her back to he arse cheeks, fingering her pussy, mmm you are getting wet too whore. He poured some oil over her cheeks. She felt something being pushed into her bum hole it was quite big she thought it was obviously shaped so that when it was all the way in it would stay there. She wriggled to try and move away but to no avail. he the spanked her a few times over the butt plug. She cried out . MMM he said I think i better gag you too. Her mouth was “f xd03 ed” open and a small hard ball was placed inside and this was fastened around back. She heard him go upstairs and leave. She tried to get comfy, but with her arse filled and her mouth this was very difficult.
leaving her in the cellar Her stepfather left the house to go get stuff for tonight’s party. As he left, ,the postman was coming up the path with a parcel. He told him to pop it in the house, may as well have a coffee, as he wouldn’t be long, oh yes hecalled back, there is something in the cellar you will like, help yourself.
Well the postman was intrigued. He went into the house and took off his coat and went down into the cellar. Well his eyes and his cock just popped out at the vision he beheld. There was she her arse up in the air. Her arse hole filled with a butt plug, her pussy gapping and begging to be filled with his now very stiff cock. Was this what he had meant buy helping himself. He undid his trousers and stepped up to the prostate girl ignoring what he assumed to be pleas. He noticed that there were several cameras’ all trained on her. He did not care, he was gonna fuck her good. She felt the tip of his cock on her pussy lips slowly pushing in, then suddenly he grabbed her behind and rammed his cock as hard as he could. She tried to scream as he pushed hard in and out in a frenzy he grunted and groaned that he was coming, didn’t take long and he filled her young hole with his juices. He pulled out and pulled up his trousers. He went round to the front of her and lifted her face, and smiled. He reached under her and pinched her nipple hard. God that was good he told her, see you tonight. He left the room, she could feel his cum and her own dripping out of her. She started to cry softly.
After a little while her stepfather returned. He came downstairs to see her cum filled pussy. He laughed but also stated that she would need to be punished for that little indiscretion. She could not believe what he was saying, hadn’t she been punished enough. He went over and picked out a paddle, he softly rubbed her buttock cheeks with his hand and then Whack, Whack the paddle came down on both cheeks the Whack down again over the butt plug and her pussy. He pulled out the but plug and pushed it into her pussy hard. He then got his cock out and filled her arse with it, no gentleness just fucked her hard holding the plug in her pussy as he did. He took longer and did not come in her. He stopped short and then turned her over. Took off the blind fold and stroked his cock until he came all over her face.
He was so calm and collected, while unfastening her he was gentle while helping her upstairs to get into a bath. He kissed her gentle, but pinched her nipples and said, “sl xd03 p” now little one, tonight will be hard for you


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