The Secretary, part 3

Afew moments ent bu=y while he looked down on her, her hair still wrapped around his fingers. That had been fantastic and he had felt the little suck she had done at the end. She was a little slut really deep down. So prim and proper when she had walked up to his front door. But what sexy underwear and smooth pussy. Yes she was a slt and she would be getting serving for the whoare that she was. He let her go and walk to the door, silently not saying a word he left the room and locked the door behind him.

She had almost choked on the amount of cum he had fucked down her throat and felt ashamed at the involantary suck she had given him at the end. But had it been a total reflex, or had some part of enjoyed what he had done to her. She cleared her head of that thought how could any of this be her fault. he had released her hair and she defiently shook her her and looked at him through her hair. She watched him walk to the door and leave she heard the key turn in the lock and knew she would not get out that way. She waited a few moments before standing, it hurt a little to stand she had cramp, there was still cum dripping from her pussy. it felt bruised and puffy. She went to the window. There where no catches and they where obviously not designed to open. Fuck she thought what should she do now. She turned her head sharply when she heard the key in the door and the boss walked back in carrying a tray with 2 glasses of wine. Come he said to her sit at my feet.

He went to the kitchen, he needed a drink and he was sure she would wellcome one too. He opened a good bottle of wine and pourd 2 glasses. His lower body still naked his cock now phlacid and hanging free. he wondered if it would come back to life after cumming twice in quick succesion. He planned to take her to the bathroom next, maybe a shower and definately some water touture. At that thought he felt a twinge in his loins, there was life still. He smiled to himself and walked back to the office. He unlocked the door, he saw she was up at the window, well no escape there for her he thought. Come he said to her sit on the floor at my feet, drink some wine, I am sure you need it. He uncuffed her hands from the back but re cuffed in the front. He gave her the wine and told her to drink, but to say nothing. She was not to speak unless he asked her a question, and she would call him sir at all times. He looked at her waiting foe an answer, when she didnt he grab at her hair puled her head back and said well. She answered him themn quietly but properlly.

She walked over to him and knelt on the floor. She felt releaf as he bent over and uncuffed her, but not so happy when he recuffed her in the front. She took the wine, and gulped down half the glass in one swallow. She went to say something to him, but the look on his face told her not to. He was telling her not to speak unless asked a question and she she call him sir at all times. Yeah right she thought. Felling defient. Suddenly she felt her head pulled sharply back do you understand he spat at her. She answered more meekly yes sir. And noticed the smile on his face. His rugged handsome smooth face..Her thoughts betrayed her, she finished her wine quickly.

He had noted the look on her face, almost a loook of wanting, well she would want more later, she was a slut and sluts needed servicing. He saw she had finished her wine, he took her glass and drained the rest of his. He stood up and put the glassses on the desk. He pulled out a chain from a drwaer and turned back to. Fatening the chain to the handcuffs he pulled her to her feet admiring her firm breasts. He couldnt resist he tweeked her nipples. Seeing the shocked look on her face he pinched them harder delighting in her indignation. He led her through the door and up the staircase to the bath room. He opened the door and pushed her forward. The whole room was a wet room, it had cost a fortune to have it done, but here was even a large plasma screen behind a waterproof covering. He led her over to the showere unit and hook her arms up high on a hook. The screen was opposte her. He went and flipped a switch and she appeared in full colour on the large screen.

She realised he saw the look she had given him, she lowered her head. He took har glass and went over to the desk and put the glasses down. When he returned to her she saw that he had some sort of chain in his hand, she was about to say something but thought better of it. He attached the chain to the cuffs and she was yanked to her feet. When he tweeked her nipples it hurt and she was embarressed because she had felt a tingle in her groin. He pinched her hard and she squealed. He pulled her through the door, and up the ornate staircase, she noticed that there where painting on the walls, ancestors maybe, their eyes seemed to follow her as she walked paqst them, it was like they knew what was happening to her. Mocking her. She was pushed forward into the bathroom. She could not help but admire it it must have cost an absolut fortune. It was a wet room, swhe saw the plasma screen on the wall across from the shaowere. How decadent she thought. he hands where hooked up above her head, her feet barley touching the floor in her heels. She watched him turn to the wal and flip a switch, there was a glare of light as she saw herself on the large plasma screen.

He walked back to her hanging there helpless. He took off her shoes and stockings. He could see her discomfort at the stretch of her arms. He turned on the shower adjusting the temperature to luke warm. Watching her face knowing she was wondering what he was going to do. The end of the shower was phalic shaped and he was looking forward to fucking her sweet cunt with it. Not for long just a little bit. He watched her face as he went towrds her. He told her to watch the screen not to take her eyes from it. He placed the end of the shaft on her clit turning up the of the water feeling her squirming away from him, he began moving it forward and back, holding herlegs together enjoying the control he had over her. He pushed the shaft back and up up into her cunt, openeing her legs fucking her slowly in and out harder and harder faster and faster, She was cumming he could feel it building insider, he looked at her face she was enjoying it so much. he stopped then and took it out, turned her around and lifted her back opend her legs exposing her pussy lips and tight arse. He put a finger into he tight place and moved it around to loosen the shynincter. he turned off the shower and put the end into a pot of lube, greasing the end. then finding her tight hole again he pushed it slowly she pulled away but he held her and carried on pushing, he felt her need as she pushed back helping it deeper.feeling her arse sucking in the shower head. Fucking her virgin hole, he was sure that it was felt so good,

She watched him walk back towards her. Watched on the screen as he took off her shoes and stockings. She felt so uncomfortable with her arms stretched. He feet where just off the floor she was just dangling there. Picked up a shower attachment It was shaped like a mans dick, my god was he going to fuck her with that, surely not. He seemed to be adjusting the temperature, she could see everything so clearly. Where was the cameras that showed such detail.She did what he said about looking at the screen, how could she not. He pressed the end of the shaft onto her sex button. She had always called it that, it was very sensitive. Oh god the water felt so good, she squirmed and twisted she shouldnt like it but it was soo good. He pushed the tip into her slowly but hard pushing it deeper, harder faster, driving her wild, god she was going to cum, she felt it building up inside her. She looked at her face in the tv screen it was a face of a wanton whore. She felt the shower withdrawing from her cunt, no she thought she wanted it inside her. She was flipped around and she felt her tight hole being spread, god no she thought she groaned and tried to say no, but the words would not come out, she felt the end of the shaft pressing in, it hurt in a strande way, so tight it would never go in. She tried to lift her bottom backwards towards him helping it go in further, her tight arse almost sucking it in She was being fucked in the arse by a shower and she loved it.


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